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Walnuts Care offers out-of-hours, personalised 1:1 care which can be accessed at weekends, in the evenings and/or holiday times. Care may involve community sessions, accessing local clubs and facilities or spending time together in the family home.

Programmes are both person-centred and fully flexible, designed to provide a package that suits the individual and their family. Referrals for the service are received from the Children with Disabilities Team, or please use the Contact Us page.

In 2018, the Care Quality Commission rated Walnuts Care’s Respite Services as OUTSTANDING!

Personalised 1:1 Care

combines independence, life skills and enjoying the community

Individually Suited

Programmes are both person-centred and fully flexible

Varied Development

Access local clubs and facilities or spend time together in the family home.

Our Philosophy

We value the young people we work with as individuals.

Consideration of their needs is paramount.

We promote children’s rights, their abilities to maximise life’s chances and the equality of opportunities.


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As a Domiciliary Care Service we are registered with and monitored by with the Care Quality Commission. The CQC regularly monitors and inspects services such as ours in order to ensure that governmental standards are being upheld. Our latest inspection was held in May 2018, and we were delighted to be rated as Outstanding


Charged on an hourly basis

When the service user is in the Carer’s vehicle, the purchaser of services will be asked to pay at a rate of 45p / mile. Milton Keynes Council may pay an allowance towards this but it is not guaranteed.

Families are also asked to pay for their children’s outings fees, e.g. swimming or trips into the community, and any refreshments. Free entrance for Carers is sometimes negotiated by WCL but this cannot be guaranteed. If additional payment for the Carer is required this will be advised to families at the time of booking, and cash will be requested by the Carer on arrival. Receipts will be returned to the family wherever possible.

Fees for 1:1 care are charged every four weeks and are payable within 30 days. Fees can either be made by BACS transfer or by cheque. NB: Fees for this service are payable to Walnuts Care Ltd. and Carers are not allowed to accept cash except for ad hoc outings as described above.

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Walnuts Care has its own Employer’s Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Carers are insured against breakages caused by them that may occur in the young person’s home. However, if damage is caused to the personal possessions or car of a member of staff by the young person in their care or to a member of the public’s vehicle, the family will be liable for the cost of repairs.

Carers are insured to look after the young person for whom we have an agreement according to the Care Plan. They cannot be responsible for siblings unless prior agreement has been sought.

Private Work

Staff are not permitted to work with families on a casual basis as this could lead to the blurring of professional boundaries and/or being unable to challenge issues should they arise. Our insurance covers staff only for time worked whilst under the auspices of Walnuts Care, and casual arrangements could lead to confusion over bookings and invoicing. Additionally, it would limit the availability of staff to work with other families and affect the overall quality of the service we offer. Families are asked not to ask staff to work with them on a private basis.

Car Safety

We ask that car seats are provided by families for transporting children until they reach their 12th birthday or 135cm (4’ 5”) in height, whichever comes first. Beyond this, adult seat belts must be worn.

Children will be collected and dropped off from their family home unless prior agreement with staff has been made. Should a family member not be present at the beginning of a care session, charges may be incurred. Should no-one be present at the end of the session the child will remain with the Carer and additional charges will be incurred until the child is collected. The Walnuts Care Manager and/or Social Care may also be informed.

Cancellations / Service Withdrawal

Walnuts Care will do its utmost to meet the needs of the children and families under its care. There may be times however, when suitably-qualified Carers are unavailable, at which time parents will be informed of changes or cancellation.

If a session is cancelled by the family within 24 hours of the planned care, we reserve the right to make the full charge for the planned session.

Reviews of the service to individuals will be carried out periodically and if it is felt that needs are no longer being met and/or Walnuts Care feels it is unable to manage the behaviour of a child, the company reserves the right to withdraw the service. This would only be in extreme cases and would, wherever possible, involve representation from Social Services.

To provide a range of support services for local families and for those affected by social, communication and interaction difficulties.